New updates and improvements to Vend Email

  1. Forwarder export improvements


    When exporting your forwarders to CSV, any sorting/filtering/search filters will now be honoured in the resulting export file.

  2. Tags management added

    New Feature

    The ability to view all tags and edit their names is now available via your dashboard.

    Deletion of tags is now also possible.

  3. Improved support for Cc


    Added support for better handling of inbound mail forwarding when Vend Email forwarder addresses are in the Cc field.


  4. Improved tagging functionality


    Tag pills are now easier to click and will now properly filter the dashboard view. Changing colour of a tag will also instantly effect all other tags of the same name on the page.

    Your dashboard now also shows a clickable filter list of all your tags in the right hand side column.


  5. Add forwarded emails log

    New Feature

    View a log of all relayed emails by clicking on the link shown below when viewing an individual forwarder.


    CleanShot 2023-01-02 at 20.41.17@2x


  6. Add screenshots in description

    You can now add screenshots in the description field of your forwarders. This feature is useful for adding visuals to help explain the forwarder's function and better explain its purpose to users on your listing page.

    Simply click on the paperclip icon in the new WYSIWYG to add a screenshot and upload the image to your forwarder's description.

    CleanShot 2022-12-01 at 21.26.45@2x


  7. View your transferred forwarders

    New Feature

    When transferring a forwarder to another account, you can now view the details of the transaction.

    You will now find a new link labelled with the number of successful transfers on the dashboard. This tab displays all the forwarders you have transferred to other users.

    CleanShot 2022-12-01 at 12.17.52@2x



  8. More natural randomly generated forwarders


    Vend Email will generate a more natural-sounding email address when creating an anonymised forwarder.

    For example, instead of forwarders like "", this update will create aliases like "".

    This feature helps ensure that emails sent through Vend Email are less likely to be caught by spam filters or cause confusion and get delivered straight to your recipient's inbox.

    CleanShot 2022-12-01 at 12.16.24@2x